Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality Adds Latitude 10 Resort

San Jose, Costa Rica, September 1, 2009 – Enhancing its portfolio of award winning and internationally recognized sustainable resorts, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality has taken on the management of Latitude 10 Resort, in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Set on seven acres of private beach front property, Latitude 10 Beach Resort offers guests a very personalized and intimate experience, and was originally built to be a private second home.  With room rates that range from US$195.00 – US$295.00 in the Green Season ( June – October) and US$245.00 -US$395.00 in High Season , the resort consists of five spacious free standing, individually decorated and private casitas. Each casita has its own décor, private open air bathrooms and rainforest showers.  The heart of the resort is the Clubhouse, an open-air ranchito which overlooks the infinity pool and over 100 meters of private white sand beach. This is where guests can relax, enjoy breakfast, cocktails and light meals, and have their private chef create meals if they book the whole resort.  An open air studio offers personalized yoga, massage and spa services.

Latitude 10 is the perfect complement to our portfolio because the owners already have a commitment to sustainability and the level of service and hospitality experience is on par with all of our properties”, says Cayuga’s President , Hans Pfister.  “Our goal is to raise awareness of the amazing experience Latitude 10 offers while helping it to reach even higher sustainability goals in its operations.

As part of its commitment to the quadruple bottom line of people, planet, profit an place, Latitude 10 hires almost exclusively from the local community and encourages guests  to explore Santa Teresa, set on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. It provides bicycles to guests so they can discover the surrounding area that offers an abundance of local culture, restaurants and a reputation for ecological consciousness that has awarded the community a “blue flag” since 2001.

Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality develops and manages hotels, lodges and other tourism related projects in Latin America and the Caribbean that are committed to the four “P”s of sustainability – people, planet, profit and place. It offers solutions and expertise to tourism operators looking to enhance their performance in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  As well, Cayuga will provide expert responsible travel advice including full itinerary suggestions for families, adventurers and honeymooners. Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality also manages Lapa Rios Rainforest Ecolodge, Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort, Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation & Inn as well as Harmony Hotel, all based in Costa Rica.

Media Contact:  Hans Pfister ( or Maria Jose Castro (, (506) 2288-5803.


Okonjima Gears Up for 2010 – If you have visited Okonjima, or better yet, flown over it and looked down, you will know that Okonjima’s property is an island of welfare and conservation in a sea of commercial farmland.

Over the years the boundaries of Okonjima have been pushing outwards to provide the most essential ingredient in predator conservation, natural habitat. Okonjima provides security and time for all sorts of predators to regain their independence and return to the wild. Those that are unable to adapt and require ongoing welfare are given a home for life.

As space is a premium at Okonjima, we are very pleased to report on the development of the new reserve. The 22 000 ha private park fence is going up at a rate of knots with 82 km’s due to be completed by December. This is an extremely high specification fence which will be predator proof as well as monitor lizard, tortoise and pangolin friendly!
Initially the new reserve will be divided into a 16 000 ha park for cheetah rehabilitation and a 4 500 ha park for leopard and hyena tracking. The larger reserve will initially accommodate up to 16 cheetahs providing a much greater variety of tracking opportunities. There will be an area of 2000 ha fenced around the lodges which will be home to general game and provide wildlife viewing opportunities from the lodges.

The AfriCat Wild Dogs – Okonjima became the custodian of a pack of rescued African Wild Dog puppies in May 2005. African Wild Dogs (Lycaon Pictus) are a challenge to keep in captivity and need to be kept free from infectious canine diseases like rabies and distemper. As the puppies were rescued shortly after birth, they were hand raised and became extremely habituated to the AfriCat staff.

The final outcome of choice for all the predators at Okonjima is to be returned to the wilderness. To this end, the AfriCat Foundation staff have decided that it is time to move the Wild Dogs from their current environment and place them in a more isolated section of the reserve. This will hopefully encourage them to revert to natural form and begin hunting their own prey. In the bush, the Wild Dog is one of the most effective pack hunters in Africa but this is a learned behavior which is alien to Okonjima’s pack. So the AfriCat team are both nervous and curious about the months to come.

If all goes well over the next 12 months the Wild Dogs will be released into the new 16 000 ha reserve in mid-2010. Until then, your clients will not have access to them but I will keep you informed of their planned return to the semi-wild.
To meet the people and lodge doing this:

Indiginous Spa in the Amazon Rainforest

La Selva Jungle Lodge, The Amazon Basin, Ecuador

The world of the spa has just been given an Amazonian manipulation spa novices and sophisticates alike will not soon forget. La Selva Jungle Lodge, located in the heart of the pristine Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador has created what they call The Indigenous Spa. Two native Quichua Indian women who reside deep in the forest but near the remote lodge walk barefoot for an hour through the forest from their huts to give their spiritual version- all one hour and 20 minutes of it- of the spa experience in the attractive spa rooms on the lodge grounds.

For $69 the participant is treated to a magical dusting away of evil spirits with special leaves brought fresh for each guest, next a footbath and foot massage with special scented plants also from the forest sets the transcendental mood, followed by the two women in harmony massaging the body. The women, who are immaculately clean and wear uniforms which do little to conceal their glowing aboriginal cheekbones and other attractive features, have very strong hands after toil since childhood in fields and in the home virtually without tools, but are surprisingly soft and tender when they massage just the right places. They add an organic milk-rice facial mask after they have worked the muscles of the backside and continue working the frontside as the mask dries.

La Selva Jungle Lodge began this project as yet another way to find sustainable work for its rainforest dwelling neighbors. Since women are in short supply for work outside the home the labor pool was small. Three groups of two have now been established and the women work in tandem for $69 the lucky rainforest resort guests are clamoring to shell out. La Selva Jungle Lodge ( hopes to develop more Spa options for their female neighbors to develop and are considering a line of rainforest products like those used in the spa. La Selva shares the wealth as broadly as it can with most profits from The Indigenous Spa returning to the community as donations through their foundation, Helping Hands In The Forest.

With the guest now like putty in their hands they escort the thoroughly relaxed participant to a large stone tub where he or she sits in the center on a stool and receives what the women call their “Rainforest Shower” a final organic dousing with a concoction of herbs that have been brewed and cooled to a luke warm temperature which is lovingly poured over the guest removing the facial, and supplying new organic rainforest nutrition for the skin.

A Final rubbing of oil, based on Amazon ingredients, and the supple guest is given over to some fluffy towels and a lounge chair. If they are not in jungle heaven- the lodge’s surveys concur- they are certainly within whispering distance.

A tray of gorgeous tropical fruit arrives for the participant freshly prepared from the lodge kitchen and an energy drink, also fruit based which among other fresh juices, contains Noni and acai. With the guest now sated inside and out the women, (one of whom has no identity papers and has never been to a city) smile and relax for a moment with the client. An intimacy has been shared, for the women, who speak only a handful of words in English and speak Spanish as a second language to their native Indian dialect have communicated much to their guest. And their guest understands everything.

About La Selva Jungle Lodge:
Founded in 1986 by North Americans Eric and Maggie Schwartz, La Selva’s ( longevity is a testament to the quality of their service and the preservation of the wildlife that guests come to view. Typically guests in groups of 8 or less go with an English-speaking Naturalist and native Tracker to learn and see the sights of the Rainforest in short hikes combined with canoe trips. The lodge sleeps 36-40 people in trips that usually run for 3nights /4 days or 4nights/5days. La Selva has accommodated more than Fifty thousand guests from almost 40 countries and was a pioneer in Ecotourism. The company has won many ecotourism awards and is always at the vanguard of the industry in jungle tourism.

The lodge also features a butterfly farm and is currently undergoing a 2 million dollar project to turn many of their standard bungalows into luxury suites so that those of our guests who put a premium on comfort when not in the forest will have everything luxury implies in the rainforest. That does not include television, internet, or recorded music. The balconies, however, will be so wide and so equipped that they can have the Indigenous Spa Treatment come to them. After which they can lounge in their living room or take a siesta.
For more information go to:

La Selva Jungle Lodge

Green Sweepstakes Lotto!

The Lodge at Chaa Creek, Belize’s award-winning ecotourism resort in the jungles of Central America is offering free eco-holidays to the lucky winners of our Green Sweepstakes Lotto. This vacation opportunity of a life-time is being provided to the discerning nature traveler who would like to enjoy a unique eco-vacation, free of charge during these hard economic times.

To enter the Green Sweepstakes Lotto, all you have to do is write a 300 word essay explaining why you want to visit The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize, Central America. The essay must be submitted via email to and will be published anonymously on the Chaa Creek Travel Blog.

The Chaa Creek Team will then send you a link upon receiving your essay to access a short list of questions about Chaa Creek. All of the answers to the questions can be found on the Chaa Creek website at You must score a minimum of 85% in order to be entered into the final sweepstake drawing.

The Green Sweepstakes Lotto closes on October 30th and the final drawing will be monitored and coordinated by the Board of Directors of Chaa Creek Limited in the Cayo District of Belize.

The five eco-adventure inclusive vacation packages are:
§ A Five Nights Inland Expeditions Package for two
§ A Five Nights Inland Expeditions Package for one
§ A 50% discount on a Five Nights Inland Expeditions Package for two
§ A 40% discount on a Five Nights Inland Expeditions Package for two
§ A 30% discount on a Five Nights Inland Expeditions Package for two

The Belize Vacation Packages include: round trip transfers from Belize City, a visit to the Belize zoo, accommodations in one of Chaa Creek’s beautiful Cottage Collection Rooms, full breakfast, lunch and dinner, professionally guided tours of Chaa Creek’s Natural History Centre, Butterfly Farm, Rainforest Medicine Trail, and Early Morning Bird Watching. You will also enjoy complementary canoeing on the Macal River and two full day tours – Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave and Tikal Maya Sites.

The award-winning Lodge at Chaa Creek has pioneered natural history travel to Belize since 1981 and is Belize’s premier destinations for a wide range of adventures. Set within a private 365-acre nature reserve, Chaa Creek hosts an internationally recognized Natural History Centre and Butterfly Farm, miles of nature trails for hiking, birding, mountain biking or horseback riding, a fleet of canoes, an exquisite spa, conference centre, and access to all regional Maya archaeological sites and natural attractions. Chaa Creek’s cottages, suites and villas are set in lush tropical gardens nestled along the verdant banks of the Macal River.

For more information about the Chaa Creek Sweepstake, contact the property at 877-709-8708,or visit the web site at

Are you dreaming of a Green Christmas?

Eco friends and families looking for a green Christmas Vacation Package need look no further. The Lodge at Chaa Creek, an exclusive eco resort in Belize Central America, is offering a green opportunity to start a new family vacation tradition.

This unique Christmas holiday experience will transport you to a bright new world set within Chaa Creek?s 365 acre nature conservancy reserve along the banks of the Macal River in the verdant foothills of Belize?s Maya Mountains.

The Christmas season is a time for family and friends to get together; a time to remember events of the last year whilst looking forward to a new year together. Why not use this special time to share the values of sustainable living with your loved ones while exploring Maya ceremonial temple sites and caves, and rainforest activities.

A guided walk on the wild side through nature on Christmas day will create a memory that will last all year long. For family travelers, the children?s Nature Quest Treasure Hunt serves as a fun- filled educational adventure for the little ones and offers mom and dad some rejuvenating spa time.

Some individuals rather like ?Scrooge? say that Christmas is for the birds. For those of us who agree, we will be coming together to decorate a Christmas Bird Tree with seeds, fruits and a joyous spirit that recognizes nature and her inhabitants as our truly special gifts during this season and indeed all seasons.

Guests can choose from a menu of exciting options to suit their individual tastes.

Our All Inclusive Christmas Package includes:
4 Nights Accommodations & All Meals
Round-Trip Airport Transfers
Choice of 2 Full-Day Tours
Unlimited On-Site Activities
Two Spa Treatments
Christmas Surprise Gift Package
All Belizean Taxes and Service Charges

Experience Maya Culture, Rainforest Adventures and Caribbean Hospitality while Celebrating the Dawn of a New Era.

Call us toll free at 877-709-8708, email or visit our website: Christmas at Chaa Creek for more information.

Innovative programs at Estado Natural in Colombia

We are running a successful education program for local kids:
Our project for 2009 includes an education program for native children from various communities along the Cordoba coastline on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. A marine turtle conservation project will also be implemented in Isla Fuerte, which would protect hawksbill turtle nests and ensure safe hatching and release. Our fishermen friends and Guardianes in Isla Fuerte will play a key role in this program. We will also continue our support for our Guardianes 2007 in the region.

Miguel Hernandez

Chaa Creek Receives Honorable Mention from Pioneers of Prosperity Program

Cayo District, Belize, July 30, 2009 – The Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank in conjunction with the John Templeton Foundation, and the Social Equity Venture Fund through their Pioneers in Prosperity Program has awarded Honorable Mentions to The Lodge at Chaa Creek. The Pioneers in Prosperity Program is an international project that seeks to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs in emerging economies by identifying, rewarding, and promoting outstanding businesses who serve as role models within their communities.

Nearly 600 firms applied for the Caribbean awards, which closed on March 23, 2009. The competition was open to all private sector Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based in participating countries (Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago) that have between 5 and 250 employees, and annual revenues of $100,000 USD and $5,000,000 USD.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek will receive a grant of US$10,000 which will be used to expand their employee educational scholarship program. The program currently supports four employees attending Sixth Form and four children of employees who attend Fourth Form. The award will also be used to assist with funding advanced local and international technical skills training for their Naturalist Guides.

The award-winning Lodge at Chaa Creek, which is set within a 365 acre private nature reserve along the banks of the beautiful Macal River, employs over 125 Belizeans, supplies student grants, and extends on-the-job training opportunities to many Belizean students each year. Environmental education and natural resource conservation make up a cornerstone of Chaa Creek?s corporate mission. Each year hundreds of Belizean school children and university students visit The Chaa Creek Natural History Centre and Nature Reserve where they receive professional interpretation of Belize?s magnificent natural environment and cultural history and experience first hand the many wonders of our tropical forests. Chaa Creek is proud to support the education of our youth and will continue to push forward in the sustainable development of the tourism industry within our home, Belize.

For more information please contact:
The Lodge at Chaa Creek
P.O. Box 53
San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize
Tel: +501-824-2037
Fax: +501-824-2501

Web: Pioneers of Prosperity Award
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