Eco Rating / Butterfly Club

Eco Tropical Resorts established the Butterfly Club/Eco Rating for green hotels interested in assessing and improving their “eco” and sustainability policies and practices.

During 2007, many Butterfly Club members documented their eco activities, using an Eco Questionnaire, developed with Jem Winston from Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge/3 Rivers Dominica.  Several resort operators urged us to further develop the Questionnaire to incorporate a rating system indicating “degrees of green.”

During 2008, we developed a system for resorts to self assess and rate their policies and practices regarding energy, water, recycling/waste, land and nature conservation, and community.  Each of these areas have a series of questions and requirements and have equal weight. This Rating lets lodge owners/managers self rate resorts from 1 to 5 butterflies (with 5 being the highest).

In 2014 we changed the Eco Rating exam a little so that it could be filled in online and generate a score.  The online Eco Rating  is a work in progress and will be updated to reflect feedback we get and changing times.

To take the Eco Rating please go here: Eco Rating

The butterfly club, a club for tropical resort owners who have successfully completed the eco rating exam

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