Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia

Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia

Located in the Southern part of The Gambia, Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia, is the perfect place for that relaxing beach holiday.

It has clear blue skies, golden sandy beaches that stretch for miles and lush green nature reserves. Most of all, its welcoming people are kind and gentle with smiles that will melt your heart. All of this only 6 hours from the UK with the same time zone which means no jet lag and you can be sipping cool drinks by our eco-pool or photographing tropical birds as soon as you arrive.

Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia, in the bush and by the beach

FootstepsEco1 1Footsteps is positioned 1 kilometre back from golden sandy beaches next to the protected Kunyoong Forest park in the South of Gambia and offers authentic intelligently designed cool accommodation in relaxed and friendly surroundings.

Built in 2002 by two Englishmen, David White and Len Wright, its ethos is to offer a first class holiday experience for its guests while having little or no negative consequence to the environment or its custodians and their culture.

At our Lodge, as well as enjoying the area’s serenity and natural beauty, you can also try some of our local activities which include local cooking, nature trails, bird-watching, beach fishing, cycling and photography or join Sarani and Lamin on guided half and full day trips to areas of local interest such as the capital city of Banjul or the local village of Gunjur with its thriving market and busy fishing centre.

+44 2392 252575
Ray Barclay
Footsteps Eco Lodge, Kombo South
Beach, ocean, forest

Hippo, Chimpanzee, Red Colombus Monkey, Green Colombus Monkey,

Pink Backed Pelican, Shikra, Blue Spotted Wood Dove, Great White Pelican, African Hawk Eagle, Black Billed Wood Dove, Long Tailed Cormorant, Wahlbergs Eagle, Nomaque Dove, Green Backed Heron, Tawny Eagle, Laughing Dove, Squaco Heron, Grey Kestrel, African Green Pidgeon, Cattle Egret,Red Necked Falcon,Speckled Pidgeon, Western Reef Heron, Lanner Falcon, Red Eyed Dove,Little Egret,Double Spurred Frankolyn, African Mourning Dove, Intermediate Egret,Stone Partridge, Vinaceous Dove, Great Egret,Purple Swamp Hen, Rose Ringed Parakeet, Grey heron, African Sarcona, Senegal Parrot, Black Headed Heron, Black Winged Stilt, Western Grey Plantain Eater, Purple Heron, Senegal Thicknee, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Hammerkop, African Wattled Lapwing, Senegal Coucal, Sacred Ibis, Spur Winged Plover, Verraux’s Eagle Owl, African Spoonbill, Whimbrel, Little Swift, Osprey, Sanderling, African Palm Swift, Palm Nut Vulture, Common Green Shant, African Pygmy Kingfisher, Hooded Vulture, Green Sandpiper, Pied Kingfisher, Yellow Billed Kite, Wood Sandpiper, Little Bee-eater, Western Marsh Harrier, Common Sandpiper, Blue-Cheeked Bee-eater, Boudouin’s Snake Eagle, Arctic Sikra, Northern Carmine Bee-eater, Long Crested Eagle, Grey Headed Gull, Rufous Crowned Roller, African Harrier Hawk, Long Black Backed Gull, Blue Bellied Roller, Lizzard Buzzard, Caspian Tern, Broad Billed Roller,Green Wood Hoopoe, Brown Babbler, Whistling Cisticola, Hoopoe, Blackcap Babbler, Western Red Billed Hornbill, Scarlet Chested Sunbird, African Grey Hornbill, Beautiful Sunbird, African Pied hornbill, Variable Sunbird, Yellow Fronted Tinter bird, Splendid Sunbird, Bearded Barbet, Woodchat Shrike, Cardinal wood pecker, Yellow Billed Shrike, Grey Woodpecker, Yellow Crowned Gonolek, Fine Spotted Woodpecker, black Crowned Tchakra, Crested Lark, Fork Tailed Drongo, Fanti San-Wing, Pied Crow, Mosque Swallow, Piaplar, Wire-Tailed Swallow, Purple Glossy Starling, Red Chested Swallow, White Wagtail, Yellow Wagtail, Long Tailed Glossy Starling, Tree Pipit, Yellow Billed Oxpecker, Red Throated Pipit, Grey Headed Sparrow, Grey Headed Bristlebill, White Billed Buffalo Weaver, Common Bulbul, Little Weaver, Snowy Crowned Robin Chat, Heuglins Masked weaver, White Crowned Robin Chat, Village Weaver, African Thrush, Black Headed Weaver, Western Olivaceour Warbler, Northern Red Bishop, Senegal Eremomela, Black Winged Red Bishop, Common Chiffchaff, Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu, Blackcap, Lavender Waxbill, Northern Crombec, Orange Cheeked waxbill, GreyBacked Camaroptera, Red Billed Firefinch, Tawny Flanted Prinia, Bronze Manakin, Red Winged Warbler, Village Indigo Bird, Northern Black Flycatcher, Yellow Fronted Canary, Common Wattle-eye, Zitting Cisticola

Gunjur Village, Gunjur Fishing Centre, Brikama Crafts Market, Kartong Reptile Centre, Alahein River, Lemonfish Art Gallery, Abuko Nature Reserve, Banjul, Lamin Lodge

Fishing, Boat tours, Bird watching Hiking/Trekking, Bicycle tours,
Grand opening of Gunjur Village Museum (Nov), Kartong Music Festival (Feb), Gunjur Cultural Festival (Apr)
Pool, Facilities for Disabled Guests, Wifi, Pet friendly, Yoga, Massage

Roundhouse, sleeps 2, £60
Cabins, sleeps 4, £85
Sunbird House, sleeps 6, £90
(extra beds can be added)

Patio, Non smoking, Safety Deposit Box
Restaurant on Premises, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Full Bar, Vegetarian
  • Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia
  • Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia
  • Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia
  • Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia
  • Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia
  • Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia
  • Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia

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Footsteps Eco-Lodge Gambia